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Daisy-Mae 128K
Lulubelle 7 (left) and Daisy-Mae 128K (right)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Planet The Moon
Relatives Father: Farmer
Sister(s): Lulubelle 7 and The Crushinator
Nephew: Bender's first born son
First appearance The Series Has Landed
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
Daisy-Mae 128K

Daisy-Mae 128K is one of the farmer's three robot daughters. She appears to be sweet and innocent, and is the middle child of the robot daughters.

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Her name is a play on Daisy Mae, a stereotypical "farmer's daughter" name, and the expression 128K (meaning 128,000) or perhaps as a reference to the commodore 128K computer named thus because of it's 128 kilobyte ram capacity.

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