DOOP Headquarters is the headquarters of the Democratic Order of Planets, commonly known as DOOP. There have been two different headquarters.

The Old HQ Edit

Old DOOP Headquarters
Old Doop
Planet Earth
City or town New Jersey
First appearance "Brannigan, Begin Again"

The Old DOOP Headquarters is an old, run down building. It has a courtroom where Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker get charged with the destruction of the New Headquarters. It is located in Weehauken, New Jersey on Earth.

The New HQ Edit

New DOOP Headquarters
New Doop
Planet In orbit around Neutral Planet
First appearance "Brannigan, Begin Again"

The New DOOP Headquarters was a big satellite in orbit around the Neutral Planet. Zapp Brannigan was supposed to cut the ribbon during opening ceremonies with a pair of giant scissors delivered by the Planet Express Crew. He was too lazy to get out of his ship and cut the ribbon with his laser on the ship, destroying the headquarters. DOOP relocated to their old headquarters.

Appearances Edit

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