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Cubert J. Farnsworth

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Cubert J. Farnsworth
Gender Male
Species Human/Clone
Age 13
Planet Earth
Profession Co-owner of Awesome Express
Relatives Father (creator): Hubert J. Farnsworth
Half brother: Igner
Grandparents: Ned and Velma Farnsworth
Uncle: Floyd Farnsworth
×31 uncle: Philip J. Fry
Status Alive
First appearance "A Clone of My Own"
Voiced by Kath Soucie
"What? You've never seen a genius's wiener before?"
Cubert J. Farnsworth's first words[source]

Cubert J. Farnsworth is the clone of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, but he takes on the role of his son. The DNA used to clone him was scraped from a growth on the Professor's back in 2989, and this is the day that is celebrated in lieu of an actual birthday. His nose is completely flat due to the Professor accidentally leaving him in one of his earlier cloning tubes for too long.

He is the sole heir to Planet Express and Professor Farnsworth fortune, as he is Professor Farnsworth's closest living relative. He spends most of his time within the Planet Express building with the Planet Express crew, and during his first appearance, A Clone of My Own, appears to criticize everything. He seems highly intelligent, but in reality he is just pointing out the logical flaws in the behaviors and actions of others, and the physics defiancies in his father's inventions.

Cubert is best friends with his classmate Dwight, the son of Hermes and LaBarbara Conrad. In an attempt to prove they are better than their parents, they go into business together. The result: the short lived delivery company Awesome Express. At school they suffer the occasional bout of bullying at the hands of Brett Blob, the son of Horrible Gelatinous Blob.

Because he is Professor Farnsworth's clone, he is technically his identical-twin brothеr, but due to being much younger Farnsworth treats him as a son, and refers to him as such. According to Bender, Cubert is legally the same person, as the Professor.


Cubert J. Farnsworth using the device that makes anyone sound like Hubert J. Farnsworth.





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