Invented by Farnsworth
Purpose of invention Detects the level of "cool" of any given person
First appearance Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

The Cool-O-Meter was an invention created by Professor Farnsworth to detect the level of "cool" of any given person as measured in "megafonzies". When it detects around 40 megafonzies, a gloved hand will pop out and give a 'thumbs up' and the Cool-O-Meter will say, "oh, yeah!". This happened to Dwight Conrad and Cubert Farnsworth. Dr. Zoidberg, however, registered zero megafonzies. It is listed on the wheel of robots implying it may have sentience.

References Edit

Megafonzies is a reference to Fonzie from Happy Days.

Appearances Edit

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