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Charles Constantine
Michelle (left) and Constantine (right)
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Status Deceased
First appearance Space Pilot 3000
Voiced by John DiMaggio

Charles Constantine, also known as Constantine, was Fry's ex-girlfriend, Michelle's new boyfriend, who she meets on New Year's, 1999. Two hours later, while they were making out, Bender mistakes him for Fry for a moment, but Michelle tells him about his blunder.

Years later, he attended law school, while Michelle became a dog walker to help support them. At graduation, he left Michelle for someone else, so she froze herself and coincidentally met Fry in the future.

Name Edit

This character has had three names in official media. He was first seen, nameless, in the pilot, then reappeared clean shaven as "Charles" in The Cryonic Woman, was revisited in the comics (with goatee again) as "Jean-Claude" and is now known as "Constantine". It is most likely that his full name is "Charles Constantine", with the comics' name being non-canonical. Another possibility is that "Charles" is a nickname Michelle gave him to avoid having to use his real name, because she thinks it's "a dumb name".

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