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Colleen O'Hallahan
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Planet Earth
Profession (former) Chief of Police
Peace officer
Relatives Husband: Yivo

Ex-Boyfriend(s): Philip J. Fry I, Chu, Ndulu, Schlomo, Bolt Rolands

Status Alive (lives in Universe Gamma)
First appearance Space Pilot 3000
Voiced by Brittany Murphy
"Sorry I've been taking up so much of Fry's time. He's just so interesting. Have you seen how much cotton candy he can eat?"
Colleen O'Hallahan[source]

Colleen O'Hallahan (born June 1, 2983) was the chief of police and Philip J. Fry I's girlfriend in The Beast with a Billion Backs. While Colleen and Fry date, Fry constantly flatters her by saying she looks beautiful while Coleen replies with less interest perhaps due to having all her other boyfriends. She has four other boyfriends besides Fry. Colleen is convinced to love Yivo who loves (and makes love to) everyone. She also most likely has gonorrhea, as Yivo stated that shkle has it and Colleen is shklis only steady lover.

History Edit


Colleen (left) and Fry (right)

Colleen first appears in the pilot episode when Smitty says "We have you partially surrounded" and it shows the police outside the house. It is just a cameo but it is interesting that they bring a character shown in the first episode into a later episode.

Fry first met Colleen when they were viewing the space-time distortion on the Jumbotron. They immediately fell in love and had sex. Eventually, Fry decided to move in with her, but discovered that she had four other boyfriends. He tried to cope with it, but when she started dating a sixth man, Fry broke up with her. He later sees her as a police officer, beating up Professor Farnsworth and Wernstrom for speaking out against President Nixon.

When Fry was declared pope of the "loving the tentacle" religion, he found Colleen and reconciled with her and her four other boyfriends.

She went out with three of Yivo's tentacles and had a great time. Soon, Yivo proposed marriage to all living beings and they move into his universe. However, due to Fry giving Bender electro matter, everyone except Colleen is banished from Yivo, heartbroken. Yivo said that Colleen is the only one of the quadrillion of every other being who truly understands him and Colleen is taken back with Yivo to his universe, right before the Anomaly vanishes forever.

Appearances Edit

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