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Gender Female
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Athlete
Olympic gold medalist
Relatives Ex-fiancé: Calculon
First appearance Bend Her
Voiced by John DiMaggio
"Hail, hail Robonia, A land I didn't make up!"

"Coilette" is the alter ego Bender briefly used in 3004 when he changed gender to participate in the fembot league of the 3004 Earth Olympics. (S)he claimed five gold medals in the bending competition.

However, Coilette decided not to change back into a manbot, instead opting to enjoy the perks of the gender and becoming engaged to Calculon.

Eventually, Coilette faked her own death by African Hydraulic Fever and changed back into Bender. Calculon's grief inspired him to star in the film dedicated to her memory, entitled Coilette: A Calculon Story.

In 3011, the Planet Express crew encountered an alien being who accidentally mixed up their genders. As a result, Bender once again became Coilette.

In "Calculon 2.0", when Calculon is seen packing his suitcase, there is a picture of Coilette taped to the top portion.


Coilette fakes her death at the altar.

Appearances Edit

Bend Her

Trivia Edit

The name "Coilette" is a reference to François Truffaut's short film Antoine and Colette, which is also about a one-sided love story.

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