Channel √2 News
Location Los Angeles
Planet Earth
Profession News Broadcasters
First appearance A Big Piece of Garbage

Channel √2 News' Election Coverage

Channel √2 is a news channel hosted by Linda and Morbo, and was known to cover breaking stories and interviewed important people. It is based in Los Angeles [1] but has visited New New York on many times.

News Covered Edit

  • Possible Destruction of New New York via the Giant Garbage Ball.
  • Mittens the kitten's broken arms and legs
  • Presidential Election of 3002.
  • Collapse of a mine on Saturn's moon of Titan
  • Global Warming
  • Report on homeless Robots during Xmas.
  • Mom's Robot revolution
  • Xmas warnings.
  • Yivo and the anomaly.
  • The oil spill on Pluto
  • Rising dark matter prices
  • Safe Return of a Talking Horse to the Meat Department
  • Hovercopter crash
  • The legalization of Robosexual marriage by the Proposition ∞
  • DOOM!
  • Emperor Nikolai's visit to New New York

Channel √2 News Studio Location Edit

There is some question of where Channel √2 News is filmed. It is known that Morbo and Linda were mugged by their studio cameras in New New York during the events of the Robot Revolution in 3002.[2] On the other hand, in 3004 the backdrop for the news desk featured a shot of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign and it is stated that they are in Los Angeles.[3] It thus seems likely that they are primarily based in Los Angeles but can go on location for major stories.

Appearances Edit

Footnotes Edit

  1. "A Big Piece of Garbage"
  2. "Mother's Day"
  3. "A Big Piece of Garbage"

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