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Cereal Girl is the name of a girl from the purpleberry puffs cereal ads. She gained weight from the cereal and it's possible she has diabetes.


Cereal Girl: Mom why is there orange in my purple berry puffs? Cereal Girl's Mother: As an active mom I care about these things I'll check the box while you start eating.

Princess Purpleberry: Now my Purpleberry puffs have loquat flavored orange berries!

Cereal Girl: Two colors, wow!

(Scene flashes and she gains weight)

(Burping) Bort.

Zoidberg: It's a small part of this girl's breakfast! 

(bubble he's in pops)

Zoidberg: Whoa!! (he falls in a bowl full of milk)

(Cereal Girl and her Mother laugh)


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