Cavern on the Green
Cavern on the Green
Location New New York
Age At least 5 years
Planet Earth
Profession Restaurant
First appearance A Leela of Her Own

Cavern on the Green is a fancy restaurant in New New York run by Elzar. It is a large cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites that formed from dripping water over centuries. Fry was going to take Leela to this restaurant on her birthday but was sent through time to the year 10,000.

In 3050 after discovering that Fry had been sent forward in time, Leela went back to Cavern on the Green, which had been shut down, and left a message for Fry by firing her weapon at the ceiling letting water drip through and create stalactites that spelled out words on the floor. Fry received the message in the year 1,000,000,000 and continued on through time watching the universe end and then be born again. After another run through time, Fry managed to make his reservation with Leela at Cavern on the Green.

The Cavern on the Green was first seen in A Leela of Her Own when the Planet Express crew played blernsball against the Cygnoids. It did not appear to be a restaurant, but rather a picnic area in Central Park. Elzar may have turned it into a restaurant between the events in A Leela of Her Own and the events in The Late Philip J. Fry.


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