Goofs Edit

  • Why (since Calculon is annoying him so much) hasn't the Robot Devil put Calculon's ghost into a bottle prior to the arrival of Fry and Bender? Or sent him off to some ironically torturous place, far from his office?
  • When Calculon is packing his suitcase, he puts in a stack of headshots - if he plans never to act again, he would not need them. He also has a robe from All My Circuits; was he buried with the robe? (Possibly Bender stole it for him when they were in Hollywood.)
  • Calculon claims not to know what a 'second take' is, but in That's Lobstertainment, he does numerous retakes for director Harold Zoid (for one scene, as many as 95); and in Bender Should Not Be Allowed On Television, he seems to know what a 'second take' is, stating that he does not do 'second takes'.
  • The clip of Calculon's death shown on EEIT is briefer than the death seen in The Thief Of Baghead; however, the entertainment show may have edited the footage.

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