Gender Male
Species Fish-Mutant
Planet Earth
Status Alive
First appearance Space Pilot 3000

Blinky is a three-eyed mutant fish from The Simpsons. Blinky makes a quick cameo appearance in Space Pilot 3000, as Fry is using the Tube Transport System for the first time. Fry goes underwater after passing the Statue of Liberty and speeds by Blinky, who is seen slowly drifting by and blinks all three eyes.

On The Simpsons, Blinky resides in the waters of Springfield and is implied to have been created as a result of toxic waste from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Blinky and members of his orange fish species are usually seen in cameos depicting the result of some ecological or environmental catastrophe, usually at the hands of Mr. Burns.


Blinky on The Simpsons

Appearances Edit

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