Gender Male
Species Bigfoot
Age 88
Planet Earth
Status Alive
First appearance Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
Voiced by David Herman
"Bigfoot? Is that you? I'm not like the others, Bigfoot; I see through your monster coatings to the gentle loner inside. I bet you have a wounded raccoon friend that you tenderly nurse back to health while you go... [He coos] But in the end they shoot you. But you teach us about things."

Bigfoot is a hairy, bipedal creature that is native to Earth. Although the species is generally considered mythical, Bigfoot actually exists in the 31st century. Fry had always dreamed of meeting Bigfoot as he felt they had a lot in common as outcasts. Fry and Ranger Park found Bigfoot, but Ranger Park wanted to cut off his foot as proof of Bigfoot's exsitence. He got photos of his hair instead.

Trivia Edit


Bigfoot turns 80!

Appearances Edit

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