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Quotes Edit

Flexo: (Bender hits him) Hahaha! I really appreciate that buddy... Nah, I'm joshin' ya, that was quite annoying!
Bender: You call yourself divorced? You're making a mockery of one of our oldest institutions!
Flexo: What?

Bender: Flexo?
Flexo: Bender?
Bender: Hey, buddy, sorry you were sent to that Turkish South American Prison instead of me!
Flexo: You bastard! They treated me like an animal, and that's what I became!............hahahaha! Nah I'm just kiddin' you're great!

Robot Crowd: No more bending, no more work! Give us a raise, you big fat jerk!
Sal: Nevers!

Professor: It's just like in the song I wrote. "We all need a new angle on life, you got to bend away all your troubles and your strife, (continues...)
Leela: Bender, you gotta help us!
Bender: I try to get out but they keep pullin' me back in!
Professor: You've gotta dangle, have a new angle, wangle a new dangle on life (Bender bends him the wrong way and he screams and stops)
Amy: No, Bender! The other way!
Bender: I like him better THIS way.
Professor: I'm sad now!
Leela: Eh, it's fine!

Joey Mousepad: (Whistles) Yo! Th' mafia supports ya! But don't tell no one! Spread the word!
Donbot: As the duly elected mobsters of this union, it's our duty to support the struggle of these proud, lazy slobs.
Joey Mousepad: Yeah, but what if management remains in tragnism?
Donbot: From the context, it is clear what you mean.In that case, Clamps may have a little suprise for them.
Clamps: THE CLAMPS!!!............Right?
Donbot: (Nods head.)
Clamps: Heh heh.....hehehhehehehehehehehehe!!!

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