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Quotes Edit

Farnsworth: Where's the device that lets you speed or slow the passage of time?
Fry: Under the seat. (Holds up bong)

Bender: Hey, yeah! I could write a song! But with real words. But I won't use fake words like Odelay.
Beck: Odelay is a word; just look it up in the Becktionary.

Bender: (singing) Froggie went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh, uh-huh. Little froggie went a courtin' he did ride blah,blah,blah, something Bender is great. Froggie went a courtin' Bender is great uh-huh.

Bender: (singing) I'm tellin' you, my broken friend can do 'most anything!!! YEAH!!! CURSE MY NATURAL SHOWMANSHIP!!

Bender: Get me the Becktionary! NO, The Rhyming Becktionary!

Beck: When I'm upset, I write a song about it. Like when I wrote "Devils Haircut". I was really... really... what's that song about?

Bender: That's why I'll be proud to go on stage tomorrow and say: "Hey, Look at me world, I am a broken robot!"
Fry: Bender, you can move again! You're cured!
Bender: Aw, crap! It's a miracle!

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