• When Bender sees the "puddle" of tiny Benders on the floor of the staff room he says, "What is all this grey goo?" This is a reference to the hypothetical end of the world scenario involving self-replicating robots consuming all the matter on Earth to build more of themselves; the scenario is called "Grey Goo".
  • The episode features an episode of "The Scary Door", Futurama's ongoing parody of The Twilight Zone.
  • We learn that Zoidberg is married to an unknown woman who has not yet appeared in the show. This is proven when Farnsworth sheds a book that says Zoidberg's wedding album.
  • It is revealed that knitting is one of Zoidberg's hobbies.
  • The voices of Bender (John DiMaggio) and Giant Unattractive Monster (Patton Oswalt) also voice two rival villains on the show Kim Possible, Dr. Drakken (DiMaggio) and Professor Dementor (Oswalt).

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