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Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

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Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television
Episode 60
Production Code 4ACV06
Season 5
Air date August 3, 2003
Directed By Brian Sheesley
Written By Lewis Morton
Opening subtitle Controlling you through a chip in your butt since 1999
Preceded by "A Taste of Freedom"
Followed by "Jurassic Bark"
"That was so terrible, I think it gave me cancer!"


Act I: "Does anyone here not have amnesia?!"

Cubert and Dwight enjoy watching All My Circuits and wish to live the life the characters do. Because their birthdays are coming up, they invite kids but only Tinny Tim comes over. While watching All My Circuits, the robot actor who plays Calculon's son, Antonio Calculon Jr., breaks during live filming, so the studio calls for replacements. Bender, desperate to get the part, boos every applicant, as Calculon thinks there is an audience. When Bender comes up, Fry and Leela's cheering get him the part.

Act II: "That's not a cigar, umm, and it's not mine."

In Bender's first scene, he is supposed to be put in an irreversible coma. He doesn't like the part and does his antics on camera. Calculon only does one take so they can't reshoot. Though the director has every intention of firing Bender, the Network Execubots come with the Network President, a laptop. Bender's antics as an independent character who interrupts all of Calculon's life have been testing positive. This gives kids a bad role model, especially Dwight and Cubert. Hermes and Farnsworth form the Fathers Against Rude Television, to protest.

Dwight, Cubert and Tinny Tim decide to imitate Bender's acts by robbing him.

Act III: "But of course! You don't have any friends!"

The three take most of Bender's stuff as Fry was too busy reading to notice. They host a party where everyone acts like Bender. Farnsworth uses his Cool-O-Meter to discover the boys were the thieves. When Bender himself finds out, he declares his support of FART. Together, they go to the studio to demand that all TVs be equipped with a v-chip to censor Bender. But the network executive refuses to let him quit and both sides put a gun up to him. Bender distracts them and takes their guns. He talks to the world through television and asks parents,"have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?"

Back at Planet Express, Farnsworth agrees that they should turn off the TV once and a while. But everyone watches Hypnotoad.

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