Trivia Edit

  • The episode title refers to the Mafia system of rewarding its most valued members. Such a person is called "a made man", and in the heyday of organized crime, such a person was untouchable by the law, and by other gangsters.
  • Elzar's phrase "knock it up a notch" is a reference to television chef Emeril Lagasse's phrase "kick it up a notch" The exclamation "Bam!" is copied verbatim.
  • The channel that airs Elzar's television show is called MmmTV, a reference to MTV (a sister channel of Comedy Central which will later air Futurama) and a parody of channels like the Food Network or the Cooking Channel.
  • The doctor at the Taco Bellevue Hospital references Gidget, the Chihuaha mascot for a series of Taco Bell advertisements in the 1990s.
  • The binary numeral system used in computers is again referenced when Clamps insists that the Robot Mafia's "private lottery", an illegal numbers game, is "nothing fancy, y'know, ones and zeroes mostly".
  • Sammy 'the Mechanical Bull' Gravano is a reference to mobster Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, an associate of John Gotti.
  • This episode features the first and only appearance of Little Bitaly .
  • The Alienese on the ambulance says, "kcurt taem," which is, "meat truck," spelled backwards.

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