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Bender's first born son

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Bender's first born son
Benders first born
Gender Male
Species Robot
Age 11
Planet Earth
Relatives See Bender's family tree
Status Deceased
First appearance The Beast with a Billion Backs
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"Daddy, I knew you'd come back!"
Bender's first born son[source]

Bender's first born son (born May 11, 2997 - June 29, 3008) was Bender's first born son. His appearance was similar to how Bender appears as a child. Bender gave him to the Robot Devil in return for an Army of the Damned. The Robot Devil himself commented that he felt Bender's actions were brutal even by his standards as Bender kicked his son through the glass of the Devil's office into a pit of lava. He was the older half-brother of Ben Rodriguez.

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