• Dr. Zoidberg: Order the cake Dammit!
  • Coilette: Come on! You never went on a date with a guy just 'cause you were hungry?

Leela: Well I, uh, I thought I might like him on a full stomach.

  • Farnsworth: I'm sorry, ladies, but I must do this. Not for you, not for Bender, but for the proud people of Robonia!
  • Bender: Ever been beaten up by a guy dressed like a chick?
  • Leela: OK, look. If I help you with this do you promise to get out of my gender and stay out?
  • Coilette: That's my favorite kind of this!
  • Coilette: (Sings) Hail, Hail, Robonia, a land I didn't make up.
  • Coilette: Oh, please! Every man wants a tramp. No wonder you girls aren't married. (Giggles.) I tell you, men are so much better at being women.

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