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Bend-Aid was a musical festival similar to Woodstock, Farm Aid or most likely a variation of the festival Band-Aid, started to raise funds and awareness for broken robots. Bender, who had been in an accident with a can opener, arranged the concert with his "good friend" Beck (or what was just Beck's head on a mannequin, voiced by Beck himself) after joining his touring band. The festival ended abruptly once Bender accidentally revealed he had regained his ability to move earlier.

The festival featured many different monsters of vaguely folkish alterna-rock such as Beck, Wailing Fungus, Donovan, and Cylon & Garfunkel. Songs that were played include "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" played by Cylon & Garfunkel, "Sexx Laws" by Beck and "My Broken Friend" by Bender.

Appearances Edit

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