Apartment 00100100
Futurama 1 3 07
Planet Earth
City or town New New York
First appearance "I, Roommate"

Apartment 00100100 is an apartment in the building Robot Arms Apts in New New York, where Bender Bending Rodríguez and later Philip J. Fry I lives. It is unknown in the series when Bender moved in in the apartment, but Fry and Bender have lived there together from the third episode "I, Roommate" until (as far as we know) now.


Apartment 00100100 is a 2 cubic meter apartment with three grey walls, a door and a lamp, with a big "closet", consisting of two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. After the third episode, Bender lives in the small two cubic meter apartment and Fry lives in the big closet.


In the series third episode "I, Roommate" the other employees at Planet Express get tired of Fry sleeping late, leaving food which attracts owls and living at the office because it gets in the way of others' work. So they make him find another place to live. Bender offers to let him stay at his place and Fry accepts.


  • Fry and Bender have two robots with spring shaped torsos as neighbours who live next door. Revealed in a gag where Fry tells them to "keep it down" while they make creaky-spring noises, so it sounds like they are doing something inappropriate, but it is revealed they are just playing poker.


  • Bender and Fry live in apartment 00100100, which is 36 in binary. In ASCII, it translates to the symbol $. This could be a reference to the fact that Bender cannot get enough money and is very greedy.