• Zoidberg: "Friends, help, a guinea pig tricked me!"

  • Amy: "There goes the neighborhood...there goes another neighborhood."

  • Farnsworth: "Oh you've killed me, you've killed me."
    Leela: "Oh God, what have I done?"
    Farnsworth: "I just told you; you've killed me!"

  • Hermes: What are you hacking off? Is it my torso? [HACK] It is! My precious torso!!

  • Bender: "Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion; the 'x' makes it sound cool."

  • Fry: "I have a question. What if Bender was really giant?"
    Leela: "You idiot. We already saw that."
    Fry: "I know. I liked it. I wanna see it again."
    Farnsworth: "We're not seeing it again. Ask something less stupid."

  • Mr. Panucci: "There's only three real monsters kid; Dracula, Blacula, and Son of Kong. Now quit picking your nose and knead that dough!"

  • Gary Gygax: "Hello Fry. It's a [rolls dice] pleasure to meet you."

  • Al Gore: "If we don't go back there and make the event happen, the entire universe will be destroyed. And as an environmentalist, I'm against that."

  • Nichelle Nichols: "Eternity with nerds. It's the Pasadena Star Trek convention all over again!"

  • Professor Farnswoth: "So that's what it would have been like if I had invented the Fing-Longer! A man can dream, though... a man can dream."

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