Angelo Nicotra
Gender Male
Date of birth April 10, 1948
Character(s) voiced Dr. Zoidberg
Robot Santa
Mr. Panucci
Regular or guest Regular
First appearance Space Pilot 3000
Angelo Nicotra (born April 10, 1948) is an Italian actor, voice actor, dialogue writer and dubbing director. He is the son of actor Antonio Nicotra and the brother of film director Giancarlo Nicotra.

He is known for his work on Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Arrival of Wang (2011) and Grandi Cacciatori (1990). He is also known for dubbing over the voice of Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Forest Whitaker, Richard Jenkins, James Brown, Ian Bannen and many other actors. His most famous voice roles are the voices of Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story film series, Gonzo in The Muppets, Herbert Garrison in South Park and the third voice of Herbert in Family Guy, replacing Valerio Ruggeri (who died of a heart attack in 2015).

His other voice roles include voicing Marvin Berry in the Italian dub of Back to the Future, Ratchet in the Transformers film series, Gil in Finding Nemo, The Brain in Pinky and the Brain, Tim Lockwood in the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs film series and Ben Parker in the Spider-Man film series.

He voiced Robot Santa in the Italian-Language version of Futurama as well as Dr. Zoidberg in the last 19 episodes of Futurama. He took on the role of Dr. Zoidberg after the death of Claudio Fattoretto in 2013.