Gender Male
Species Decapodian
Planet Formerly: Decapod 10
Currently: Earth (Embassy Row)
Profession Decapodian Ambassador to Earth
First appearance A Taste of Freedom
Voiced by David Herman
"Enough with the persecution, I'm saying."

Ambassador Moivin was the Decapod 10 ambassador to Earth of the Decapodian Embassy who admitted that Decapod 10 was "crappy". He helped Zoidberg conquer Earth[1] and was the Decapodian in charge of building the Mobile Oppression Palace that the enslaved Earthicans built. He left Earth after Zoidberg defected from him and destroyed the Mobile Oppression Palace. He was last seen at the almost-implosion of the Violet Dwarf Star.[2]

Appearances Edit

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Footnotes Edit

  1. A Taste of Freedom
  2. Into the Wild Green Yonder

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