John A. Zoidberg
John Zoidberg Universe 1
Gender Male
Species Decapodian
Age Over 86
Planet Formerly: Decapod 10
Currently: Earth
Profession Planet Express (Doctor)
Status unknown
First appearance "The Farnsworth Parabox"
Voiced by Billy West

Universe 1 John A. Zoidberg is a minor character in Futurama. He is the Universe 1 version of John A. Zoidberg. Universe 1 Zoidberg has a blue carapace instead of a pink carapace. Universe 1 Zoidberg while pathetic is slightly less pathetic than Universe A Zoidberg. When blue Zoidberg had the Parabox the pink Zoidberg became his sycophant.

In the real world it is estimated that one in every 2 million lobsters are blue.