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Alternate Fry
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 65 (actual), 2043 (chronological)
Planet Earth (Universe 1
Profession Intergalactic delivery boy
Relatives 30x Nephew: Alternate Farnsworth
Wife: Alternate Leela
and alternate family from alternate 20th century>
Status Alive
First appearance The Farnsworth Parabox
Voiced by Billy West

Alternate Phillip J. Fry is a minor character in Futurama. He is the Universe 1 version of Philip J. Fry. Alternate Fry and Leela went out on a date after Leela tossed a coin and came up tails. Alternate Fry and Leela were married. Fry proposed with a diamond scrunchie.


He looks similar to Fry from Universe A, except that he wears a green jacket instead of the red jacket Fry wears in Universe A, has black hair instead of orange hair, light yellow jeans instead of blue jeans, and red shoes instead of black shoes.


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