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All Box Universes and a Brief Description Edit

  • Universe A: The original Futurama Universe. Boxes are yellow.
  • Universe 1: The first other universe - coin flips are backwards. Boxes are blue.
  • Cold Universe: Fry sticks his head in and has it frozen.
  • Female Universe: All women.
  • Octopus Universe: Leela gets this one.
  • Universe 32: sits on a shelf.
  • Universe 33: sits on a shelf.
  • Universe 34: sits on a shelf.
  • Universe 36: sits on a shelf .
  • Universe 37: sits on a shelf.
  • Universe 38: sits on a shelf.
  • Universes 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30: sit on a shelf.
  • Universe 25: falls on Zoidberg, it is quite bland. Boxes are white. no one has any eyes here.
  • Universe 1729: Has pink boxes and everyone has big heads.
  • Universe 31: Has Green boxes, everyone is a robot here.
  • Universe XVII (17): Is a Roman universe, boxes are purple.
  • Leprechaun Universe: Has Leprechauns, pots of gold, and rampart Benders.
  • Pirate Universe: Universe of Pirates and chests of gold and jewels.
  • Universe 420: Boxes are orange and everyone's a hippie probably high on something.

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