Alessandro Rossi
Alessandro Rossi.Image
Gender Male
Date of birth October 12, 1955
Character(s) voiced Zapp Brannigan
Leonard Nimoy's head
Regular or guest Regular
First appearance Space Pilot 3000
Ruggero Alessandro Rossi (born October 12, 1955) is an Italian actor, voice actor, dialogue writer and dubbing director. He is the official voice actor for celebrities like Liam Neeson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has also dubbed over the voices of Patrick Warburton, Patrick Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, Ving Rhames and Kevin Michael Richardson.

He voiced Biff Tannen in the Italian dub of the Back to the Future films and he also voiced The Terminator in the Terminator sequels, replacing Glauco Onorato. Other roles include voicing Alex J. Murphy in the RoboCop film series and Optimus Prime in the Transformers film series.

He was also known for voicing Jean-Luc Picard in the Italian version of Star Trek: The Next Generation. His animated film roles have included voicing Brogan in Shrek Forever After, Bruce in Finding Nemo and AUTO in WALL-E.

As an actor, he portrayed Commissioner De Zan in the Italian crime drama series L'ispettore Coliandro.

In the Italian dub of Futurama, he voiced Zapp Brannigan and he also voiced Leonard Nimoy's head in his debut appearance. He was then replaced by Nino Prester.