Aldrin's Gulch
800px-Aldrins Gulch-1-
Planet The Moon
First appearance The Silence of the Clamps

Aldrin's Gulch is a small, Western style town located on the Moon.

It is entirely encased by a glass dome, which keeps the artificial air inside. The town contains many stores, a saloon, and a town jail. They are protected by Sheriff Furley.

The town plays a large role in the episode The Silence of the Clamps, in which the Planet Express crew visit the town to make a delivery. While there, they confront a robot who looks like Bender, who has gone into hiding. The look-a-like, a robot named Billy West, is then attacked by Clamps, who has infiltrated Planet Express in search of Bender. He is stopped by Zoidberg, and a battle erupts. Zoidberg defeats Clamps, but Billy is then shot and killed by Bella, Bender's latest lover.


  • Aldrin's Gulch is named after Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon.
  • Oddly, during the episode The Series Has Landed it is mentioned that the original Moon Landing was forgotten about, yet "Buzz" Aldrin was remembered.

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