Aldo César (born Aldo da Silva Cezar; December 20, 1928 - January 5, 2001) was a Brazilian actor and voice actor.

During his lifetime, he had success starring in telenovelas and plays. These include Redenção (1966), Hospital (1971), O Preço de um Homem (1971), A Barba Azul (1974), O Profeta (1977), O Direito de Nascer (1978), Como Salvar Meu Casamento (1979), Cavalo Amarelo (1980), Rosa Baiana (1981), A Filha do Silêncio (1982), Braço de Ferro (1983), O Tempo e o Vento (1985), Dona Beija (1986) and Chapadão do Bugre (1988).

He also had success in dubbing films into Portuguese. For example, he was the Brazilian Portuguese voice actor of Rex Harrison.

In the Brazilian Portuguese-Language version of Futurama, he was the voice actor of Bender Bending Rodríguez from Seasons 1-2.

He passed away on January 5th 2001 at the age of 72. The role of Bender was passed on to Sílvio Navas.

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