Albino humping worm
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Planet of origin Earth
Skin color White
First appearance The Futurama Holiday Spectacular


The Albino humping worm is a gigantic, red-eyed, long white worm-looking creature that lives i tunnels that expand deep below Earth's surface. According to Professor Farnsworth, it was given its name because it doesn't have any pigment.

When the Planet Express crew appeared in its tunnel during Robanukah 3010, The worm climbed on top of the crew's ship and started a Rhythmic Humping movement, which went on for some time in the episode The Futurama Holiday Spectacular (6ACV13).

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  • The Albino humping worm had only appeared in a Non-Canon Segmant so it is unconclusive if it will appear again.



From the futurama wiki

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