Quotes Edit

Fry: You know what the worst thing about being a slave is? They make you work all day but they don't pay you or let you go.

Leela: That's the only thing about being a slave.

Hermenthotip: And now, I have a grand announcement. In honor of your achievement, you're all hereby--
[The nose falls off the tomb and crushes him. The slaves gasp.]
Bender: (screaming) No!
[He runs forward and lifts the nose away from the Pharaoh.]
Hermenthotip: (hoarse) Tell the slaves they can all go--
Bender: Go faster? I told them but they're so damn lazy.
Hermenthotip: (hoarse) No. I mean they are all free--
Bender: Free-loading off you? I agree.
Hermenthotip: (hoarse) No, I--
[He dies. The slave driver puts a sheet over his body.]
Osiran: Pharaoh Hermenthotip is dead.
Bender: (crying) He's whippin' angels now.

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