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Trivia Edit

  • This entire episode is a parody of the plot, characters, scenes, dialogue, and even shots, of the movie Titanic. The title, however, is a reference to Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember," a book/movie detailing the last hours of the doomed liner.
  • The bartender robot, iZac, is a parody of "Isaac", the bartender on the show, The Love Boat and of the "iBook" and similar Products by Apple.
  • The use of the Titanic as a luxury spaceship is a reference to Douglas Adams' book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", in which a similarly named starship suffers "a spontaneous massive existence failure." There is also a video game entitled "Starship Titanic" produced by Adams.
  • In an attempt to cheer Bender up, Fry mentions that the Countess could still be alive in another dimension, to which the Professor secretly confides in Zoidberg that there's "not a chance" and implies there's no doubt she's dead, which debunks the theory of entangled black holes forming a wormhole and also the relative uncertainty on what actually happen in a black hole.

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