Zoidberg: Look, Cubert, the neck on this one! I bet he spent a fortune on ties.

(Cubert looks at him)

Zoidberg: What, too soon?

Fry: Woohoo! Throw down dinosaurs of the land and sea!

(bird cries and a pterodactyl swoops down and carries him off)

Fry: This is a cool way to dieeeeee.....

Zoidberg: Don't worry, I know how to handle bullies, just pretend like you're pathetic.

(Brett Blob comes towards him and Cubert)

Zoidberg: Help! I'm scared. I wet myself, I'm crying like a baby and I'm soaking in pee. But what else is new!
Brett Blob: Hahaha the pee babies peed themselves! I'm off to pottery class, dorkwads.

Fry: Professor, is this your only water source? It looks like Diet Dr. Pepper.

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