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Futurama 726 wedding
Previous Year 3012
Succeeding Year 3030

3013 is a year which Futurama is set.

Events Edit

  • Bender replicates Silicon Red's guitar and becomes a folk singer.
  • The Professor accidentally sends Fry and Bender to the 2nd dimension.
  • The Planet Express company becomes a firefighting service with Bender as its leader.
  • Calculon is resurrected after his death in 3012, only to die again, after a performance which almost nobody saw redeems his acting ability to the world.
  • Bender loses his shiny metal arse plate and has to recover it.
  • Fry kills himself by falling from the Vampire State Building. Using Hubert's new invention, Leela uses it to understand why Fry wants to do this, but following a mishap, Fry breaks the button and stops time.
  • Dr. Cahill is stabbed and killed by Roberto at Central Park.

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