20th century child
Philip J. Fry (left), 20th century child (center), and Monkey Fracas Jr. (right)
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Status Deceased
First appearance Space Pilot 3000
Voiced by Kath Soucie

The 20th century child was a human boy who regularly visited Panucci's Pizza and enjoyed playing on the Monkey Fracas Jr. machine and eating pizza slices in the 20th century. He watched Philip J. Fry play poorly on New Year's Eve 2000.

Trivia Edit

  • His line "You stink, loser!" was supposed to be much longer, having him saying "You stink, dude, even my grandmother could get past the first gorilla, and she thought this was a cigarette machine".
  • In the homage to Space Pilot 3000 in Law and Oracle, his role is fulfilled by John A. Zoidberg.

Appearances Edit

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