The title of the episode derives from the term two-lane blacktop, used to describe a paved street. There was a film called 2-Lane Blacktop made in 1971.

During the street race, the music that plays is the 1972 rock classic Highway Star by Deep Purple.

At the scrapyard, Sal melts down Speed Buggy (from the cartoon of the same name), and the Mach-5 from Speed Racer. The title character from that cartoon looks on, distressed.

Leela goes shopping at the Thingy Wiggly supermarket, a parody of the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain. The creature pictured on the store's marquee is the Martian Leader from 1953's Invaders From Mars.

The 2D inhabitants call themselves The Lords Of Flatbush, referencing a 1974 film with that title.