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Professor Farnsworth: Ah, perfect timing! I just turbo-charged the ship's matter compressor! Fry: What's the matter compressor? Professor Farnsworth: Nothing's the matter, Fry, now that I've turbo-charged the matter compressor.

Professor Farnsworth: That's it, you hoodlums! Your mouth just wrote a PayPal transfer request that your butt has insufficient funds to honor! Racer #1: Yo. It is on! Before that it was off.

Racer #2: Marks. Set. Go, yo!

Amy: [upset] Do you think they're...dead? Hermes: No, no. I choose to believe they're alive in some other dimension. Screamin' in agony. [Amy wipes away a tear.] Amy: I hope so.

King of Flatbush: The feast is served. Choose whatever two-dimensional foods you like. Crêpes, flatbread, McDonald's hamburgers. You get the idea. Leela: Yum, apples! [She grabs a piece of apple and attempts to eat it.] Hey, how come I can't swallow? Professor Farnsworth: Hmm, I guess it's because our two-ended digestive system can't exist in this dimension. I suppose that could be an issue. [Leela mumbles and spits the piece of apple out.] Leela: I knew it! I knew he'd get us killed somehow! [The Professor begins to type on a computer.] Professor Farnsworth: As you can see, or rather can't see, but take my word for it, such a digestive system would divide a 2D being into separate pieces!

Professor Farnsworth: That's right dimensional drift

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